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This Disney Theatrical Production is being directed by Tony Award-winner Michael Grandage and will feature a talented cast and crew, including Caissie Levy as Elsa and Patti Murin in the role of Anna. Frozen will be a full-length musical in two acts that is expected to run over 2 hours. It will feature more than twice as much music as the original animated film (!!!), with new material by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez—the musical team behind the 2013 animated film. The musical’s book is by Jennifer Lee—screenwriter and co-director of the film—and the musical’s story will expand the plot of the film and further explore its themes. Sounds amazing!

Disney Theatrical Productions under the direction of Thomas Schumacher presents Frozen, the new Broadway musical, music and lyrics by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez and book by Jennifer Lee, opening night March 22nd, starring Caissie Levy (Elsa), Patti Murin (Anna), Jelani Alladin (Kristoff), Greg Hildreth (Olaf), John Riddle (Hans), Robert Creighton (Weselton), Kevin Del Aguila (Oaken), Timothy Hughes (Pabbie), Andrew Pirozzi (Sven), Audrey Bennett and Mattea Conforti (Young Anna), Brooklyn Nelson and Ayla Schwartz (Young Elsa). Michael Grandage is director.

Obviously, we’ll be counting down the days until we can experience this magical new musical for ourselves, but until then, let’s journey behind the scenes of the production with the musical’s director Michael Grandage, as he posts about the cast and crew on his Instagram account. Grandage has been sharing insider information leading up to the first performance of Frozen’s pre-Broadway run in Denver. These posts will melt your heart with happiness! Enjoy:

Last picture of the cast before they head to Denver:

What a delightful ensemble. We can’t wait to see them bring our favorite characters to life on stage!

This poster is everything.

Intriguing preparations!

Pictured above are the show’s music supervisor, Stephen Oremus (a two-time Tony Award winner who is creating all the vocal, incidental, and dance arrangements), as well as Brian Usifer, who is the show’s music director. Frozen’s music team also includes Tony nominee Dave Metzger (orchestrations) and Chris Montan (executive music producer).

Every great show needs a great stage manager, like Lisa Dawn Cave!

So many wigs! Frozen’s hair designer is David Brian Brown, and we can already tell the hair in this show is going to be fabulous.

Just thinking about all the show-stopping dance numbers that will be in Frozen the musical (choreographed by Tony Award winner Rob Ashford) is making us giddy.

Actors Greg Hildreth (Olaf) and John Riddle (Hans) get into character by helping each other apply makeup! Frozen’s makeup designs are by Anne Ford-Coates, and we bet they’re perfection. Look at this body art she designed for the hidden folk:

So artistic. So many great details.

It looks like Anna will be wearing pants while climbing the North Mountain in this production, with costume designs by two-time Tony and Olivier Award winner Christopher Oram.

Christopher Oram is also the scenic designer. We know what these plant props are for! Do you? (Hint: they have something to do with rocks … and a certain fixer-upper.)

Pictured here is actress Nina Lafarga in costume. Six-time Tony Award winner Natasha Katz will help set the show’s mood with her lighting designs.

Ahhh we’re so excited to see Arendelle come to life!

This show is going to be epic. We cannot wait!

For more posts about the production, be sure to follow Michael Grandage on Instagram @michaelgrandage and don’t forget to buy your Frozen tickets for the Broadway production ASAP!

Frozen arrives in Sydney in July 2020

Visit  https://signup.disney.com.au/frozen/  for waitlist and more information.

Media sourced credit https://ohmy.disney.com/news/2017/08/14/a-look-behind-the-scenes-of-frozen-the-musical-and-get-your-tickets/

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