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RMIT – Stage Management Essentials for Theatre and Live Production

Posted by | September 4, 2019 |

by RMIT University
Published: September 4, 2019 (1 month ago)


In this 3 days comprehensive workshop, students will get a very real taste of Stage Management!  Students will be provided with the means to develop their skills in all areas of Stage Management.  This course will include theory and practice and will be hands-on and inclusive.  There will also be scope to explore specific examples brought to the sessions by participants.  Students will have the opportunity to draw upon Deborah Hatton’s extensive experience in Stage Management.

Course content

  • Production Terminology
  • Stage Positions
  • Props / Spiking
  • Headsets
  • Cueing
  • Calls
  • Performance-styles and stage variations
  • Company structures / related-roles
  • On prompt & creating a prompt copy
  • Backstage management
  • Show reports and incident reporting
  • Putting it all together and holding it together
  • Safety and inductions
  • Scheduling / Time-keeping

Ideal for

  • Volunteers and teachers in Theatre and Live Performance.
  • Floor managers in broadcasting.
  • Media students wanting to diversify their skill-set
  • Early-career Live Production technicians.
  • Drama students testing career options.
  • Professional technicians in multi-discipline positions and cross-discipline venues.
  • Live Production students without Stage Management electives.
  • Producers + Band Managers who engage Stage Management contractors.

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